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As experienced, creative individuals, we tell human-centered stories that leaves lasting impact and
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With a diverse catalog of films made, we take great pride in the processes we develop and the results we produce.


Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. It fuels our passion and drives us to push the boundaries of filmmaking.


There is no hidden cost. We share everything with you from the initial idea to the result.


Our foundation for success, built on transparency, integrity, and unwavering commitment.

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Creative Development

Creative development and strategy is a necessity for all projects from the moment an idea or brief is presented. This is why we consider the development stage crucial.

An idea is like a seed that requires nourishment and care to grow. Our creative team takes on the task of nurturing and crafting an idea into visually engaging content.

The creative development process starts with the creation of a script or visual storyboards by our team. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that the film concept aligns with their specific needs.

Each idea is accompanied by budgets and production schedules, which are flexible and subject to change throughout the development stages.


The pre-production phase is a critical aspect of any film project, as it involves careful planning and the full utilization of our skilled production team. Our goal is to transform the idea that lives on paper into a tangible reality.

Our team of experts meticulously plans every detail of your shoot or film, right up to the moment of production. We carefully select the crew based on the specific requirements of each project, in alignment with the overall vision.

We prepare for every possible scenario and maintain constant communication with our clients to guide them through the entire process. Transparency is crucial during this stage to build trust between us and our clients. This process continues until the day of the shoot, with the final step being the distribution of the call sheet.

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The moment of action is where all the hard work put into the project comes to life. Although it is the shortest phase, production is the most crucial stage to get right. This is where filming takes place, and where the magic happens!

The crew works tirelessly during this period to ensure that the creative vision is executed flawlessly.

The production environment is characterized by pure passion and creativity. It is a place where everyone on the set feels like a family, from the beginning to the end, and where each department champions one another. This is where your idea comes to life and long-lasting partnerships are formed.


Following the completion of all other phases, the film is edited by our skilled and creative post-production team.

The team meticulously blends the sound to enhance and complement every visual element of the film.

The talented graphics team works on incorporating visual effects to elevate the overall quality of the film. Lastly, a soundtrack is either composed or selected to enhance the performance, bringing the film to life.

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Zoomies Promo Film

Sustainability Film

Bitcoin Explainer Social Film


Sweet Deals
Corporate Packages


  1 minute Brand Video
  30s Promo Film



  2 minute Brand Video
  30s Promo Film
  Social Media Content Cuts
  Stock Library Photography

Brand Launch

  Creative Strategy  
  3 minute Brand Video  
  30s Promo Film  
  Social Media Content Cuts   Brand Photoshoot

Global Campaign

  Creative Strategy  
  TV Commercial
  Radio Ad’s    
  5 minute Brand Video  
  1 minute Promo Film   
  Social  Media Content Cuts
  Product Photoshoot
  Stock Library Photoraphy

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Meet the Founders

Rafei Barakat & Lucy Cook

Rafei Barakat Avatar
Lucy Cook Avatar

Meet Rafei and Lucy, the dynamic duo of filmmaking and business! These two exceptional individuals are passionate about creating unique and outstanding films that resonate with audiences around the world.

Rafei is the business brain of the operation, always looking for ways to help you generate leads, income, and ultimately set you up for success. Don't be surprised if he starts talking in acronyms or spouting off the latest marketing trends, he's just that good!

Lucy, on the other hand, is the creative mastermind. She knows how to take your stories and make them stand out in a world where everything seems the same. Her passion for filmmaking is infectious, and she's always coming up with new and exciting ideas to bring to the table.

But don't be fooled by their roles, because Rafei is just as creative as Lucy, and Lucy is just as savvy when it comes to business. They work together seamlessly, using their individual strengths to create something truly special for your brand.
So if you're looking for a team that's both business-savvy and creatively-driven, Rafei and Lucy are the co-founders for you!

What people say about the Team

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Lucy and Raf at LuckyLion Films on a short form animation, and I can confidently say that they are a dream team to work with.

Lucy, as the producer, was a delight throughout the entire process. Her meticulous attention to detail, ingenious creativity, and unwavering support made every step of the project a truly memorable and inspiring experience.

I wholeheartedly recommend LuckyLion Films to both freelancers seeking an exceptional working partnership, and potential clients in search of a dynamic duo who will bring their vision to life with passion and precision.

Our Production Company had the absolute pleasure to collaborate with Lucy and her team on a very exciting project, and would absolutely relish the opportunity to do so again!

Working to deliver a creative brief can be a complex and often challenging experience, but Lucy made the entire process as efficient as possible. Communicating the priorities but giving each department the openness to make suggestions, time and budget was adhered to but never felt restricting.

This is the ideal environment for nurturing creativity within project parameters, something much appreciated and not taken for granted. By the end of the project we were one big crew, Lucy’s leadership bringing us together and allowing people to deliver their best possible work. A courteous, professional and approachable team. Thank you!

Working with Lucy and Rafei on "Homeless to Bitcoin Millionaire" has been a great experience. They're bursting with energy and always full of innovative ideas.

When we've faced challenges, they've demonstrated remarkable cool-headedness, providing clear communication and listened to any concerns raised. The quality of the visuals produced...
Simply outstanding; among the best I've worked with.

On top of the work, our personal and professional relationship has grown significantly. If you're looking for a team that brings genuine passion, effective communication, and creativity to the table, Lucy and Rafei should be at the top of your list.


Why should businesses consider incorporating film in their marketing strategy?
How can film enhance a business's online presence and reach?
What are the benefits of using film for internal communications within a business?
How can film help businesses build trust and credibility?
What impact can film have on sales and conversions?

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